KSCC banquet-2015 awards--vote please!

KSCC banquet-2015 awards--vote please!

Postby sdwarf36 » Thu Nov 17, 2016 7:23 pm

Dec 3rd is the date--Mr. Darcy's in Ludlow Vt. is the place. Contact Michele ASAP for a head count. Anyone thats gone in the past will tell you this is a rocking party! :D
And for all the worthy drivers deserving awards--I need you to vote for them. Contact me (privately or it gets awkward :roll: ) Either on Facebook or email. sdwarf36@aol.com.

Rookie of the Year

Mystery Award

Pushrod of Promise

Walt Rowe Sportsmanship Award

Most Improved Driver

Worker of the Year

Background info:

In general the awards are intended to be given to KSCC members.

However we have more than once given awards to non members. We

don't think this is a bad thing where the person is the obvious

choice but on the other hand these are KSCC awards so we should

favor members.

A description of some of the less obvious the awards below.

The Mystery Award is given for something that is a mystery or

should remain a mystery. Sometimes we give it out to something

that just seems strange.

Pushrod of Promise is given to someone who is relatively new to

the club (but not usually a rookie) and who shows a lot of promise.

Worker of Distinction awards are sometimes given to recognize

exceptional efforts made by some individual or group. It can

also help sort things out when we cannot agree on who gets the

worker of the year because there is more than one person who

deserves recognition.
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