Future of Philo State Park (2013+)

Future of Philo State Park (2013+)

Postby Rabbit Farmer » Thu Jul 11, 2013 12:46 pm

The state of Vermont had an open house recently to discuss the future of Mt. Philo. The reason for the open house wherein they were solicitating public input for the future use of the park, is due to a recent donation of 30 or 60 acres (I forget which). Anyway, they have more land, and are looking for the public's input on the use of the current and expanded park.

Marie Mayer (regional office; my point of contact at the state for Philo) strongly suggested that we (SCCV and NEHA folks) provide input to the state on the use of the park. If we are silent, then there is no support FOR having the hillclimb at the park. If there are those that are against the event, only their voices will be heard.

I am suggesting that the SCCV submits a response to the state (we are working on this). We need to focus on the historical relevance of the events that we have held there since 1975, the FAMILY enjoyment we get from the park, views, etc. Suggestions for the new land could be a mt. bike trail (shows interest in non-motorized activities). If anyone in the club frequents Philo (Bill Clark used to, but he hasn't been around for a long time), that would be great to include.

**** I am asking the rest of you to take the time to e-mail your thoughts to the state. Take a look at my suggestions of historical relevance, family enjoyment, etc. ****

We can discuss this at the Okemo hillclimb this weekend if anyone has any questions.


------------ Card they handed out asking for comments ------------------
(removed snail mail info)

Mount Philo State Park
Draft Long-range Management Plan

Please send your comments by e-mail to the address below by July 19, 2013.

Attn: Lisa Thornton, State Lands Stewardship Forrester
VT Dept of Forests Parks & Recreation


Info on the park: http://vtstateparks.com/htm/philo.htm


Focus questions to help people submit their comments. People are supposed to expand on this list (include/exclude what they want plus whatever they have to add):

How do you use the lands within Mt. Philo state Park? Where do you participate in these activities that you identified (e.g. locations within the park)?

What is the single most important value or public benefit you place on Mt. Philo State Park?

How would you like to see the Mt Philo State Park managed in the future?

Do you have history, stories, general observations, etc. to share with Mt. Philo State Park?

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