Science and the Spitfire

Science and the Spitfire

Postby Mopar 151w2 » Fri Aug 30, 2013 1:11 pm

OK, so Brian and I have been plotting and scheming about how to fix his Spitfire, short of re-framing the thing or exocising the ghosts of St. Vitus and Joseph Lucas.

Coupla things have come up that could use some input from the wider hubub on here:

1. Who (likely a chassis shop) in New England has a rate testing machine (a "rater") that could accomidate a modified transverse leaf spring ( similar in size to an old Ford "cross spring")? Is there any such thing around as a real shot blasting machine, or a Wheel-a-Brator, accessible to small-timers like us, for the same part?

2. Bumpsteer guage/guages - are there any good ones for loan/rent? Opinions on which ones are good - cost an object, or not. Timeshare purchase? Any interest in a U-weldit kit, or complete gage, if I, or somebody, tool up and build a batch?
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Re: Science and the Spitfire

Postby sachilles » Fri Aug 30, 2013 1:28 pm

I won't pretend to know that answers to those questions, but I have a forum of off-road oriented buddies that have a pretty wide network shop access in new england. I put the feelers out to them to see if they can find someone.
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