Posting Images, Formatting Fonts, Links, etc.

Posting Images, Formatting Fonts, Links, etc.

Postby Rabbit Farmer » Sun Feb 08, 2009 2:23 pm

Formatting Fonts and Quotes
Using forums, you can do a number of things to format text to help you present your message. Bold, italic, underline are the normal font formatting tools, but you also have the "quote" tool that presents the text in a nice box.

To bold, italic, or underline text (and yes, you can apply more than one at a time), you select the text and click on the B, i or u buttons. This will add tags to the front and back of the text. To quote text, you have some options...
When reading someone else's post that you want to reply and include their post as a quote, just click on the "Quote" button while reading their message. This will automatically open the Reply box to allow you to type your reply. You can delete the portion of the text that you are quoting if you want to pull out just part of their message (this does not affect their post... this is a copy of their text).

Another option is to use the quote tags while typing your reply. For example, if I want to share a quote from Shakespeare, you would select the text (while you are typing your reply) and click on the "Quote" button. The text should now have the [ quote ] tag before the highlighted text and [ /quote ] tag at the end.

You can manually type any of these tags if you like.

Posting Images
When you want to share images in the forums, you will have to host the images somewhere else such as Photobucket, Flickr, etc. After the images are posted (either by you, or if they are also hosted online by someone else...doesn't matter where), click on the Img button to insert the image tags, enter the link to the photos between the tags (make sure to include http://).

For example, I have an image posted online (here is the link: that I want to display in my message. I would click on the Img button to display the [ img ] and [/img] tags and paste the link between the tags. [ img ][ /img ] would display as:

Putting Links In Your Messages
Short version... just type or paste the link into your message. For example, This will be a clickable link in your message.

Long version... If you have a very long link or just want to display a link in a cleaner fashion, you can display the link as text. For example, I want to have the link look like "NEHA", but the link goes to I would type the following: [ url=]NEHA[ /url ] and it would display as NEHA
I can also add in some formatting if I like... for example, [ url=][ b ]NEHA[ /b ][ /url ] would display as NEHA (bold NEHA text that links to; you do need HTTP:// before the www when using the [ url= ] tag, but do not need it if just displaying the link as the link)
(see Tag Notes below)

Tag Notes
There are NO SPACES in the tags. Tags start and end with brackets [] and have the code instead without spaces.
[ url=]NEHA[ /url ], for example, would not display correctly as you can see. This was intentional in this post so that I can show you what the text looks like to be able to format fonts, add images, and format links. The real code does not have any spaces in the tags.

This will all be very easy once you become familiar with the formatting in the forums. I would also add that once you learn it here, it works on all the forums you would visit on the internet.

Contact Steve, Nick or Tim with any questions.
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