No traction control in Prepared classes?

Re: No traction control in Prepared classes?

Postby Mopar 151w2 » Sun Jan 05, 2014 2:49 pm

Coupla things - We do not consider launch control (aka "2-step"), or manually actuated throttle stops/timing controls as traction control - at least right now. A rule clarification may be in order?
Our courses have found the weak spots in most of the antilock brake systems out there. Ask Mike W. or Arlo about having your brakes shut off entering Check 4 at Burke.

My primary concern with slew rate controllers is competitive advantage (relatively large) , and the cost of good ones (huge). In certain situations (Pro Mod/Pro Stock drag cars, drag boats) they are an advantage in terms of safety - especially for inexperienced drivers who are still calibrating the seat of their pants. Roy Hill has them in all of his "door cars" at his drag race school - the newest will supposedly catch wheelspin in less than 1 revolution of the wheel.

It is the stability/yaw/vector/traction controllers which apply wheel brakes independently and automatically which kinda scare me, especially ones ones with non-OEM "calibrations" - When we have drivers who are unsure of the effects of differentials. And I reinterate the comment of many, that our courses have insufficent runoff room to be messin' with this kind of stuff, and that the designers of such systems have never considered roads like ours.
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Re: No traction control in Prepared classes?

Postby RacingFrog » Tue Jan 06, 2015 10:17 pm

Kiwi wrote:I did not realize that our current rules ban traction/stability control in the Prepared classes. The 2013 Technical and Safety Requirements read:
2. CHASSIS. BB. Dual System
1. Any device that actuates the brake independent of driver control shall not be allowed, except for Formula Libre. Devices that limit braking power independent of driver control are allowed.

I am just catching up with this thread and modern cars that supposedly have a 'limited slip diff' actually have an open diff with an electronic actuation of the brakes to mimic a limited slip diff (lighter setup than mechanical limited slip). This is usually not something that can be de-activated.

If I turn traction control on in the Corvette, I am much slower. It is always on when I start the car and I have to push the button to de-activate it. I stalled once at Okemo before getting to the start line and I forgot that on re-start it put the TC back on. It took me half of the hill before figuring out why the car was cutting out. That said, if I disable physically traction control from the PCM, I also lose the ABS and if I lose the ABS I lose the rear proportioning valve (which is really bad).

Also TC is not just about applying the brakes, it is mostly about throttle/fuel cutoff (ask me about the runs in the Audi at Ascutney). When the TC starts to kick the brakes it usually means that you pushed it a bit too much and it will keep you safe but definitely not faster. Some cars like the Audi don't completely disable TC and if you push it too much, it will still re-activate itself.

Honestly, I would update the rule to say that 'No traction/stability control system are allowed unless they are original factory equipment. Existing TC systems can be fully disabled but no other modification is allowed. These rules do not apply to FL where TC systems are free.'
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