Neck restraint info.

Neck restraint info.

Postby sachilles » Thu Oct 29, 2009 9:46 am

Just wondering what the consensus is here relative to neck restraints. I've been researching lately, as I'm a big fan of keeping my head attached to my body. This thread isn't a suggestion that we make them mandatory. Though I'd be happy to hear which style folks have tried and liked/disliked.

While researching one particular brand, in their FAQ section they mentioned giving the corner workers a hand out relative to how to disconnect the device should the driver be unable to(Isaacs device). Since these devices are become more popular and there are several different types, we may start to see them more frequently.
Wondering if it might make sense to put a recommendation(not necessarily a rule) in our guidelines that if you use some sort of neck restraint, that you check in with speedway to make sure they are familiar with it(in terms of how to get you out of it or the car with it on). Maybe a demonstration to workers might also be worth while. Some devices attach to the harness linking you to the car unless you pull the disconnect, and others stay attached to the driver 100%. I can envision a little confusion with that.
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Re: Neck restraint info.

Postby KevinGale » Fri Oct 30, 2009 11:29 am

I'm sure Speedway is familiar since it's what they do. It's also why I like having them instead of some local rescue squad that is not familiar with racing.

As for the workers: If the driver isn't able to undo the thing then the workers shouldn't mess with it until Speedway gets there. The only exception would be if the driver is in more danger staying in the car than not. In that case I'd question any device that requires any significant work or training to release it. The worker should be able to just release the belts and drag the driver out with any neck restraint still attached.

To put it in other words. We have to recognize that our workers vary a lot and often have no training at all. If the method of getting the driver out isn't obvious then it probably isn't appropriate for hillclimbing. It may be fine at a track where the response people are trained.
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Re: Neck restraint info.

Postby walterclark » Fri Oct 30, 2009 3:32 pm

I would not wear a device other than the harnesses that required me to undo something before I got out. The Issacs looks like it ties you to the shoulder harnesses unless you undo 2 releases.
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Re: Neck restraint info.

Postby Kiwi » Thu Nov 12, 2009 2:19 pm

I am using a HANS device, both at hillclimbs and at track events. The HANS is connected only to your helmet and your neck (it slides onto your neck). The harness holds the HANS down on your body but is not attached to it. Pulling the driver out of the car with helmet & HANS still on is simple. Removing the helmet and HANS together is not hard, pull the helmet straight up, then slide the HANS backwards, the helmet with it.

Removing the helmet while leaving the HANS on the neck is a bit tricky. You need to unclip the HANS from the helmet by pushing down and sliding a catch (in the proper orientation as well).

In general, I see no problems using a HANS at a hillclimb, and much safety benefit.

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Re: Neck restraint info.

Postby Mopar 151 » Thu Nov 12, 2009 5:00 pm

I've been considering a "Hutchens Hybrid" or the similar
R-3, both made by Safety Solutions. Basically, everything Kiwi said about the HANS applies - releases when you release the shoulder belts, stays with you as you get out with it on.ImageImage there is a variation which stays with the seat - but only with Velcro. from the website:This Device is also available in an "In Seat" version. This version allows the driver to exit the car while leaving the device in the car. The chest strap in this version is eliminated and angular straps connect to the top of seat belt buckle instead. When the driver un-hooks the seatbelt the device un-hooks as well. A winged device pad Velcros the device to the seat only to hold it in position when not hooked up to the driver.

* Easier Exit with low top
* Comfortable! Engineered with Molded Seat Pad to Disappear
* Available in Chest Strap version and In Seat version
* Available in: small, medium, large and x-large & custom sizes
Oh yeah - the yellow cords are release lanyards for the tethers - this style seems to be standard on Safety Solutions stuff, may be optional on HANS - should we mandate this feature?
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Re: Neck restraint info.

Postby flat tappet » Tue Dec 21, 2010 4:44 pm

We've had an incident at LIme rock in SCCA club racing where the driver was most likely saved by a HANS. Coming up No Name back straight, a driver in a spec miata jumped out from behind an other car and ran right into a stalled Lotus elise that was facing backwards toward oncoming traffic. The miata driver hit the Lotus at aapr 80mph, lived to tell about it and has recovered fully. without a H&R restraint he most likely would have received a basal skull fracture.

SCCA now requires an approved H&R for all our racing. Seems to me that within reason, it doesn't matter which one if they are SFI/FIA approved. Just pick one!
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Re: Neck restraint info.

Postby Phillip » Mon Feb 07, 2011 1:21 am

I am purchasing a HANS for this season.

I agree that it is a mild irritation to put on and take off, however having played football in college, and seen the spinal and neck injuries I have seen, I would not make the trade off of never walking again, simply for the ease of use.

I suppose i should cite Christopher Reeve, or any number of quadriplegics who were paralyzed or killed in relatively minor accidents, which our's, when they occur, are not.

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