Co-Drivers on Hillclimbs...

General Regulations on how a NEHA hillclimb should function, how the series works, etc.

Co-Drivers on Hillclimbs...

Postby sonicyellow » Mon Aug 10, 2009 1:25 pm

Hey all,

Please forgive me here, as I might be wholly ignorant to what could be very compelling reasons not to allow a co-driver up the hill, but I gotta tell ya - allowing this would very cool for several reasons:

1) It would allow people to become more familiar with the course
2) People who've never raced before would be much more willing to try if they could get comfortable with it by co-driving a few times first
3) It allows instruction by our more experienced drivers (just like in autocrossing)
4) Might give workers occasion to see the top of the hill

The only reason I can think of that we wouldn't want to allow it is for insurance reasons, but at the meeting held Okemo I this year, it seems like that wasn't the issue at all (while discussing TSD Rally folks participating).

Personally, I'd really like to have some experienced drivers give me pointers while on the hill, and I'm quite sure workers wouldn't mind being able to take the occasional trip up (they work all day for us and all they get is to eat first? Come on! :) )

Anyway, just a thought - and if I'm not missing something here, would it be possible to re-evaluate the rule?

Thanks all!
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Re: Co-Drivers on Hillclimbs...

Postby sdwarf36 » Mon Aug 10, 2009 10:26 pm

We do allow it--its called the fam run. You can hop in any (willing ) other persons car that has seat + belts-or you can have some other driver ride with you. You get 2 shots-one sat + one sunday. Figuring we get an average of 4 timed runs and a fam run, thats 20% of hill time that availible. And since Okemo is a public road, you can drive it anytime the event isnt running-And we do a "sunset cruise" up Burke giving another SLOW ride up the hill. Ascutney + Philo are state parks that charge a $2.50? day use fee that would allow as many drives up the hill you want. (We did a bike trip that hit Okemo , Mt washington, Philo +Ascutney one weekend)
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Re: Co-Drivers on Hillclimbs...

Postby Rabbit Farmer » Tue Aug 11, 2009 9:14 am

Would the event series allow for a non-timed run up the hill with driver + instructor (same mentality as a FAM run) in place of the timed runs? This would take care of the "I need an instructional run" and my perception that our insurance doesn't allow for timed runs with two people (is that a correct understanding?).

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