General Regulations on how a NEHA hillclimb should function, how the series works, etc.

Re: Harnessing

Postby SevenhundredS » Sat May 11, 2013 5:21 pm

Oh, I don't see this as harsh at all. I understand the laws of physics better than most. Tumbling down the side of a mountain or face planting into a tree does not require any more than a little loss of control. I don't intend to set any speed records; just a conservative shake down for the car and I, and a chance for my father to see it moving again. (He intends to come as my "pit crew." He's been doing antique BMW restorations as a hobby most of his life but hasn't gotten to see this car do a hillclimb, for which it has some respectable pedigree.

If all goes reasonably well, and my finances can absorb it, I'll hope to keep turning it up a bit in the future.

Again, not harsh at all. I appreciate the info and will continue to chip away at this.
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