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Rally Class

Postby 3rdgendennis » Mon Jan 25, 2016 6:13 pm

Seeing as today is the last day for rules proposals....
I'm going to propose a ruleset for Rally Classes. Basics listed below. Input/comments welcome for the next few hours.

Rally Classes: R1 and R2
R1 for turbo/supercharged/high displacement cars (RA's Open, G5; NASA's 2wd/4wd Heavy)
R2 for non-turbo cars (RA's Open Lite, G2; NASA's 2WD/4WD lite)
Logbooked cars only (maybe allow exceptions at Don/Walter's discretion?)
Do not need to be registered/street legal as there are no transits.
Driver and codriver must have all safety gear as required by Logbook's sanctioning body (I can't think of anything additional that NEHA requires that would not already be in the rally rulebook)
Times are cumulative over both days, each run being considered a special stage
Bogey times: If a run is missed (DNF/DNS), time will be 120% of the slowest car in that class for that run (or the previous run if all cars in class miss the same run). Maximum 2 "bogey" times per weekend.
No Rally license required, SCCNH/KSCC/SCCV membership strongly encouraged
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