Tube Frame Hillclimb Car $5000

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Tube Frame Hillclimb Car $5000

Postby DennisRacing3 » Wed Jun 01, 2016 9:37 pm

This car was extremely fast. Took 2nd overall at Burke Mt 3-4th event. Mid engine. 1300 lbs 200 whp on an extremely conservative tune. 1st gear was useless. 0-60 was probably sub 4 seconds. This car would be a rocket ship with suspension tuning and more power. I raced this many times in hillclimb and did very well. I will try to give someone a ridiculous package deal. Don't be afraid to make an offer but please do not low ball. I could probably make well over what I am looking for if I parted out. Car is currently in pieces because I started to re engineer and collect more parts. I have probably more than %95 of the parts and most of the engineering will be in suspension design. Car has less than 200 miles on it (break in period). Most of those miles are on the way back down from the top of the mountain.
Let's get on with it. Start front to back.
Car is based on a mini mod chassis 1-3/4" x .095 Tubing with lots of protection
-Aluminum Dual Core radiator with electric fan
-Aluminum five gallon fuel cell with foam (new)
-AN SS lines with fittings with return
-Army style toolbox for tools to make adjustments on the go
-1st gen steering rack
-steering column with quick release 13" steering wheel
-Adjustable Gas Pedal (new)
-Wilwood Double Reservoir Brake pedal
-Wilwood Clutch Pedal With Wilwood Slave
-New Giant Wilwood Front Brakes with Drop Spindles (Did I say New,1200 beans)
-Fancy Aluminum panels to make the interior look better
-Accutech Water Temp Gauge (with warning light)
-Accutech Oil Pressure Gauge (with warning light)
-LC1 A\F gauge with Wideband 02 sensor cord and disc
-Protech EGT Gauge (brand New in Box)
-Volt Gauge
-Cheap AF Gauge
-Longacre Ignition Panel with warning lights
-RRFPR 1:1 (worked Great)
-MS2 Megasquirt (PH,Seq,300KPA Map,Boost Control)
-%95 Percent labeled Wiring harness (has all grounds, power wires, etc)
-ASD Relay, Fuse Block, Other electronics
-1st Gen Neon Transmission linkage (shifter was on left side)
-Motorcycle fully rebound and bound adjustable shocks (was going to use bellcrank setup)
-16" x 9" STR 520 Wheels 5x4.5 Pattern (Will need machine work or spacers. I knew this buying them. NEW)
-Goodrich R1 Race DOT TIres (New, cost too much)
-T-Bird Aluminum Uprights for the rear suspension (easy to make work well and lightweight)
-Rotors and hubs drilled for the rear suspension to fit the wheels with long race studs (new Bearings)
-Old calipers for the t-bird hubs
-T-Bird and neon axles to custom make axles to fit the rear
-Big Sexy Muffler
-3.94 Ration with OBX LSD (Brand New LSD)
-4 Puck ACT Clutch (worked f'in awesome)
-Aluminum lightweight spec flywheel
-All Poly Bushings on mounts
-Custom Made Fork to handle Wilwood slave cylinder

2.4 Stratus block 2.0 head
Head- (New 5 layer gasket, new lifters, new valves & Seats with proper valve job, I think fancy springs and retainers, mild port job on just the exhaust side (50 hours into it done by me),biggest stock intake cam, intake cam on exhaust side created a perfectly flat torque curve from 2000 to 6500 (225Tq), block off plate for emission.

Lower end- (decked, honed, deuched, 8.5:1 JE Pistons, Eagle H Beam Rods, removed balance shaft assembly)

-I am fairly certain a new Hahn 16G turbo with high flow Hahn exhaust manifold (new to car, not currently tuned for this)
-Exhaust is port matched to head
-All new AN oil lines
-Synapse Wastegate (brand new to car and brand new)
-Gates racing timing Belt
-RC750 injectors
-High Flow Fuel Rail
-SRT4 Oil Cooler

I am sure I am Missing stuff If you are interested Call 401-263-1676
Current state of car & Album below if you made it this far ... be%20Frame
Racing on the edge isnt dangerous its a game
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Re: Tube Frame Hillclimb Car $5000

Postby DennisRacing3 » Mon Jun 06, 2016 7:20 am

Update. Price...
Racing on the edge isnt dangerous its a game
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