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Since 1969 I had dreamed of owning one of the two MGC GTS Sebring factory race cars that competed at the Sebring 12 hour races in 1968 and 1969. I saw RMO 699F compete at Sebring in 1969 and then saw it at the New York Auto Show that year. This car was the replacement for the competition Austin Healey 3000 factory race car. 40 years later, I decided to build my own recreation of the MGCGTS Sebring race car with modern engine, suspension, brakes, and safety equipment to compete in time trials at many of the famous race tracks in the Northeast, including Watkins Glen, Lime Rock, and Mossport.

In 2010, my son , Bill Washburn, founder and co-owner of DENTSPORT GARAGE. and I designed this improved MGCGTS with a 1990 Toyota Supra 1JZ double turbo engine and Toyota T154
5 speed transmission, custom double wishbone independent front suspension, rack and pinion steering, six caliper Wilwood brakes, custom Watts linkage rear suspension, Penske adjustable racing shocks, a race prepared body with full roll cage, and SCCA mandated safety equipment. We moved the firewall and engine mounting points ten inches behind the stock mounting points, like John Chatham did with his own competition MGC GTS, which resulted in the car having equal weight of 525 pounds on each wheel. The car has Australian Superlite Mag wheels, Toyo R888 race tires, new oil pump and timing belt, new high power individual coils, , and Dave Craddock flared front fenders, front valence, rear spoiler, and MGC hood.

The engine and transmission are low milage Toyota JDM units sourced from Japan using an APEX adjustable ECU and custom wiring harness. The custom 3" dual pipe stainless unmuffled exhaust system produces a sound similar to a race prepared Jaguar XKE. A video of the dyno run is available to demonstrate this.

I believe that this unique recreation represents an ideal MGCGTS Sebring model. The DOHC six cylinder Toyota 1JZ Supra double turbo engine has more power, a much higher rev limit, and half the weight of the MGC Healey derivative engine. It is also more appropriate to the car than the numerous V-8 and V-6 powered MGB conversions. I can say without hesitation that this car handles like a well balanced race car, with an ideal power to weight ratio and brakes matched to the available power. Before the MGC, I had built and raced a Factory Five Cobra, which is a very well engineered race car. The MGC is much more predictable and comfortable to drive on a road course than the Cobra, and is much safer with its proper roll cage.

Body - 1973 MGB GT

Dave Craddock flared front fenders, front valence, rear spoiler, and MGC hood, Moss Sebring flared rear fenders, , safety glass windshield, plexiglass rear window. 8 point SCCA spec roll cage extended to front subframe, fire surpression system, Kirky aluminum race seats, SCHROTH six point race harness. Car weight: 2100 pounds empty, with 525 pounds on each wheel.

Toyota 1990 2.5L Supra DOHC 1JZ twin turbo engine with large intercooler, custom fabricated intercooler, aluminum piping, and aluminum radiator. Custom dual stainless 3" exhaust pipes. Custom engine mounts moved 10" behind stock mounting points, custom firewall fabricated to fit the twin downpipes from the turbos. New oil pump, external racing oil filter, APEX controllable ECU, and high power individual coils. Rear wheel dyno HP: 255 at 6500 rpm. Video of the dyno run is available from owner.

Custom dash, wiring harness, STACK RPM guage, and SPA digital oil pressure and water temp guage.

Toyota 1990 five speed R154 manual gear box with custom transmission tunnel, quick shift, and custom driveshaft.

Front: FASTCARS IFS with upper and lower A arms, custom steering rack, cross member, and Penske Adjustable Racing Shocks. Complete replacement front suspension included.

Rear: Ford 8.8 shortened axle with carbon limited slip and 4.10 gears. LEVY RACING five point suspension with Penske Adjustable Racing Shocks and Watts linkage. Custom upper and lower control arms and chassis mounting points.

Front: 11.75" Wilwood disc with six piston calipers
Rear: 10" Mustang GT disc
Floor mounted brake, clutch, and throttle pedals.
Wilwood brake master cylinders. Adjustable brake bias control.

Wheels and tires
8 x15 Australian Superlite wheels with Toyo R888 - 235x50x15 tires.
Ford Mustang five bolt wheel pattern front and rear.

Fuel System
ATL fuel cell with custom box built into frame members, custom surge tank with double fuel pumps, braided brake and fuel lines.

Alexander Washburn 617 306 4393
Pictures and video available if interested; $35,500 OBO
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