FS: 12x12 (+12) canopy - $125

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FS: 12x12 (+12) canopy - $125

Postby drummingpariah » Sat Sep 26, 2015 3:11 pm

I'm starting to trim down how much I bring to hillclimbs, and this huge canopy is way more than I need. No damage/tears/holes/missing-velcro/etc. It has really easy keep-your-thumbs latches, and the thing is massive. Essentially, it's a 12x12 canopy (that raises up to 12' max) with ventilation in the top, with a 12x12 awning that extends out (or acts as a wind break wall at Okemo). I love being able to park two cars under it (or a car and two tents, during the Okemo floos/storm this season). The main reason I'm getting rid of it is how big it is when packed down in its case: 52" x 12" x 12". With such a small trailer, I can't afford to spend that much space on a luxury like this.


It's almost two Miatas wide (yes, that's an official standard of measurement).

I'm looking at something roughly half the size, hopefully with the same 'garage awning' that this has, if I can find one.
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